JIGC (Journal of Islamic Guidance and Counseling) is a Journal of Guidance and Counseling of Islam published by Prodi BKI Faculty of Da'wah UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi every 6 months in June and December. this journal already has ISSN Online 2614-4492, ISSN Print 2614-4506, and has indexed this IPI Editor receive articles that are scientific theoretical studies or research results relevant to Guidance and Counseling scholarship. Articles can be submitted directly via email editor: jigc.fu.jambi@gmail.com or by email manager: mass.hartono@gmail.com 

JIGC (Journal of Islamic Guidance and Counseling) is an alarming journal for the publication of issues of broader Guidance, Counseling, and Islamic Psychology. This is based on the presumption that Islamic guidance and counseling is still an ongoing process. There is a need for serious study not only limited to Islamic education and institutional systems, but also to the philosophy, politics, environment, ethics, management, and entrepreneurship 'Guidance and counseling of Islam'. The journal is to bridge and solve the dichotomy between western psychology and Islamic psychology. Publishing twice a year, JIGC scientists interested in Islamic guidance and counseling and contributors to their Research article providers. JIGC, major issues in the development of Guidance, Counseling and Islamic Psychology as follows:

  • Philosophy Guidance and counseling of Islam;
  • Islamic Psychology;
  • Islamic Counseling;
  • Every specific issue in Islamic guidance and counseling


Vol 1 No 1 (2017): Islamic Guidance and Counseling

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